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Canada Yard Pro provides professional lawn care services throughout the year.

Canada Yard Pro services all geographic areas of Calgary & Invermere BC...
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Canada Yard Pro provides the following services in Calgary:

  • Weekly Lawn Care:Grass cut on a weekly basis are much healthier than lawns that are not. Having your lawn mowed on a consistent base will improve new growth. But Canada Yard Pro doesn’t quit there; we edge your grass to provide the polished, professionally groomed appearance. Exactly what is Yard edging? It is when machinery with a blade shears a crisp straight line on the edges of your lawn, bordering pathways & drive ways, providing it with a skillfully manicured appeal.
  • Power Rake: This is undoubtedly a key element of readying your yard for the summertime. A Power Rake thrashes dead grass (thatch) from your lawn. If the thatch is not purged, 2 things happen to damage your lawn. The first is that dead grass serves like a sponge that absorbs moisture when you are watering your lawn. This water evaporates before it can enter the dirt and the root system of your lawn. The second is, if not conducted for several years, the dead grass will strangle out new growth of grass and produce rot at the base of the soil. Canada Yard Pro suggests this program be carried out each and every year.
  • Lawn Aeration: A Lawn Aeration machine is made to puncture the turf and tug miniature plugs of the lawn out, loosening up the soil and helping water and carbon dioxide reach the root system precisely where it is needed. We get questioned regularly, "How often should somebody have their lawn aeration performed?", and the answer varies. Lawns with high traffic from little ones or pets playing should be done more often that a lawn that has no foot traffic. In many cases, it really should be completed each and every year. A straightforward evaluation to ascertain if your grass needs an aeration or not is to water the yard for about five minutes, and then quickly examine to see if there is water either sitting on the very top of the soil or if there is water running off your lawn. If either of these becomes found, your yard is likely overdue for aeration.
  • Fall Clean up: This is often over-looked as part of maintaining a healthier lawn. Leaves and autumn debris left behind to settle on the lawn over the winter will trigger winter rotting. The clutter gets wet and remains on the grass decaying away and killing the grass with it.
  • Fertilization: This is an important element in having a healthy lawn. A lawn ought to be fertilized no fewer than 3 times per year. The initial application ought to be applied in early spring. This allows new growth to get a kick start. The 2nd treatment ought to be spread in the beginning of or mid June. This application includes nitrogen, an essential factor to have healthy grass. This treatment additionally contains weed control. Broad leaf weeds such as dandelions emerge in June so if snared early on, before they have gone to seed, (dispersing all over your yard) there is a better possibility of getting a weed free yard. Additional treatments can be employed in July and August to add additional nitrogen and weed control to your yard. The final treatment should be applied in late Sept early October. This treatment is a winterizer that serves to ready the grass for the long cold months ahead, minimizing the amount of winter kill.
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